Bloggers Application

☠ welcome to raccoon city – Sep 4th – oct 2nd 2021

☠ Blog must be currently active.
☠ Blog must be at least 3 months old.
☠ You must have a Flickr account and post to the event group.
☠ Bloggers must post high quality pictures displaying the items blogged clearly and in detail. This is key! If an item can not be seen and identified your post may be rejected.
☠ At this time there is a minimum of 2 posts / 5 different designer’s items per round. Additional posts are strongly encouraged.
☠ One post should be a few days prior to opening (no more than 3 days prior) or within the first week of the fair.
☠ All posts must have accurate and up to date event links.
☠ Current event logo must be displayed on your blog.
☠ An open group space is required.
☠ All bloggers are expected to report their posts to the via the provided link.
☠ Bloggers will share their posts in their associated social media locations during the course of the event.
☠ It is the bloggers responsibility to notify the blogger manager if they will be away for any period of time.
☠If selected you will be contacted by a member of our staff.

Apply Blogotex access : Closed

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